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The Promote Your Passion Club!

End the, "What am I going to sell or promote this month dilemma," or the, "How am I going to sell my book. I can only say 'buy my book so many times, right?'" 

I know what you are feeling? I have been there. I used to struggle trying to figure out what to sell EVERY single month. I would be RUSHING to put something together, would not know if my audience actually wanted what I had to offer and would not have a follow through strategy to get the most people to buy or enroll in my programs. 

Do you know what I am talking about? Are you tired of NOT knowing what your month's numbers are going to look like? 

Imagine having and knowing EXACTLY: 

  • The actual program you will be promoting EVERY single month
  • Knowing how to put it your product/program or service
  • Having the strategy to actually launch
  • A community to support you and give you real-time feedback and suggestions
  • Product and offer expert training and expertise 
  • Pricing strategies
  • Email sequences
  • Sales letter writing 
  • Sales and payment options platforms 
  • Sales and Business Coaching 
  • Safe forum to ask business questions 

If you have been looking for a sales strategy, product/programs creations, coaching and business combo (ALL roll into one big delicious sandwich of learning) then The Promote Your Passion Club. 

Get everything you need to Promote Your Passion Club (strategy and screen-share training) with clever and not mainstream campaigns or promotions.

You will have 30-days to learn and implement your campaign/promotion. Don't worry, you will have a chance to watch, read and study ALL the past strategies inside our platform. 

The private community will serve as accountability, feedback and support for all members of the Promote Your Passion Club!

Signup now and get your strategy on. End the stress, lack of sales and fulfillment. 

  • You want to help the people you have been called to serve.

  • You want to be encouraged and to receive faith-based instructions you can relate to. 

  • You want eyes on your stuff and feedback that you can actually use.

Then don't wait ANYMORE. Get your strategy on and join The Promote Your Passion Club!

Catherine  Storing

Catherine Storing

Content Monetization & Leverage Strategist



Today, as a best selling author, TEDx/keynote speaker, professional certified life coach, certified Christian mentor, storyteller, woman of faith, and content monetization strategist Catherine specializes in helping 6-figure successful women (and a few determined men) in ministry and or corporate America monetize their passion and calling so they can connect with their dream audience and make a significant impact in the world.   

Catherine is the author of over 23-24 books as of this writing, she has published 23-24-books (two of them have become #1 and #2 Amazon Bestselling books) oh and that happened in a little over five years.

With her own research, trial and errors, training and continuous education Catherine has created this amazing course that will walk you through the SAME process she uses to write her books.....FAST.

Course Contents

86 Videos

25 Texts

4 PDFs

27 Audios

1 Download

24.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Lesson 4: Delivering Your Lead Magnet & Connecting With Your Audience