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How many times have you tried to write without success? How did you feel afterwards, frustrated and totally blocked?

When was the last time the exact words of what you wanted to say just flowed out of you?

Do you read your friends and or colleagues writing and after the initial wave of happiness you feel for them passes, regret and longing wash over you because you STILL have not been able to give birth to your OWN words?

How amazing would it feel to be able to:

  • Write in YOUR own voice
  • Share the words in your heart
  • Write without worrying about what others may think or say
  • Set up a deadline for your writing project and actually achieving it
  • Just write whenever you want without self-imposed restrictions
  • Set yourself up for writing success
  • Express yourself in such a way that others understand and are able to connect with you
  • Setup a Writing space
  • Have the tools to Start Writing NOW!
  • Experience a fun and easy to complete writing Assignment that will help you clarify your writing voice

If you would like to experience all of the above and SO much more then this workshop is for YOU.

What will I learn in this workshop? I am GLAD you asked:

  • Why I am AFRAID of writing and how to let go of the fear of writing
  • Easy-to-use tools to start writing NOW
  • Why is important to tell a story EVERYONE wants to read
  • How to find and use YOUR authentic voice when writing ANYTHING
  • Develop a writing habit that ACTUALLY works

It may be wondering, "Why did Catherine put together the Confidence 2 Write Workshop?" And the reason is simple, because I wish such workshop existed when I was still struggling with finding my writing voice and having the confidence to actually use it.

I too know how painful it is to see project completion deadline after project completion deadline pass me by.....again.

I too have experienced the VERY short lived euphoria that comes after starting a writing project, just to see that feeling die a little more with EVERY passing day that I did not write.

Actually TWENTY LONG years went by before I finally found the courage to start, finish and then publish my FIRST book. I wish I could describe to you what it feels like, but I don't think words (not matter how many one uses) can describe the intense happiness and feeling of accomplishment that washes over you when you FINALLY see your written work on Amazon.Com.

Ever since that faithful day I have been writing, writing and writing. Loving every minute of it. I did not think it could get ANY better. Then I taught my first, second, third writing class and I was proven wrong. There was so much more joy to be had. To see my many of my students go from:

"I am the worse writer." To "I cannot wait to finish this book so I can get started on the next one."

"My attention deficit disorder held me hostage for far too long. I WILL finish my first book:" And actually finishing the book and becoming a best selling author too.

"I will write a book SOME DAY." To: "I have outlined my book since our last talk and will be finishing it THIS year."

Once I discovered I could teach people that thought writing was not for them or even possible my life took a turn for the best. I have put together courses like: The Confidence 2 Write, and Write Like a Pro and have seen my students achieve AMAZING results.

See below some of the feedback we have received from our in-person or live streaming students:

And so many others have come to understand and experience the transformative power of having the right teacher and the right attitude. And that is why I teach these classes, because I SO love teaching others how to love what they do, in this case: writing!

What have you been called to write? You can choose to ignore the desire to write or you can start to life your fullest live today. So what say you? Are you in?

Can I get my money back?

But what if this workshop does not work for me Catherine?

If after watching ALL the videos lessons, completed EVERY assignment you don't feel more confident when writing just email our customer service team within 10-days of your purchase and we will gladly refund every penny after you submit your completed assignments.

Why do we ask for the completed assignments?

Because it has been proven that whenever we decide to pursue our dreams fear and procrastination come up; and we want to make sure you don't allow those things to hold you back ANYMORE.

So there is no risk really, do the work, show up with an open mind and watch YOUR Confidence to Write Soar.

Your writing gift has been laying dormant for FAR TOO long, wake up the writing giant within you.

You know this IS the time, don't waste another minute and start writing TODAY!

Here is that link again to get IMMEDIATE access to The Confidence 2 Write Workshop

See you on the other side!!!!!

Content Monetization & Leverage Strategist

Catherine Storing

👻 GhostWriter | 📝 Writer's Coach |🎙TEDx/Keynote Speaker | 📚 2x Best Selling Author 💃🏽 | Minister 🙇Catherine is the author of thirteen books as of this writing, she has published 10 books (two of them have become #1 and #2 Amazon Best selling books) oh and that happened in a little over two years.With her own research, trial and errors, training and continuous education Catherine has created this amazing course that will walk you through the SAME process she uses to write her books.....FAST.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Confidence 2 Write

    • Intro Video

  • 2

    The Confidence 2 Write

    • Overview

    • 1. Why Do You Want to Write?

    • 2. What's Your Authentic Writing Voice

    • 3. Developing a Writing Habit

    • 4. Q&A

    • 5. Set Yourself Up for Success

    • 6. Deadlines: Setting Up Deadlines That Make Sense for YOUR Life

    • 7. How to Setup a Writing Space

    • 8. Tools to Start Writing NOW & Homework

    • 9. Wrap Up/Review

    • Complete Audio Lesson: The Confidence 2 Write

    • Comments/Questions


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orencia bulze

I loved this course. I learned so much info, for instance organizing my notes and writing space. the reality, that i could write 500 words a day and have a ...

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I loved this course. I learned so much info, for instance organizing my notes and writing space. the reality, that i could write 500 words a day and have a finished book in four weeks. crazy.. ready for my 40 day challenge.

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