One Easy Payment

What if it did not have to be so hard?

In this video course you will find the latest tool to share your book the right away. You have seen it, people shouting on social media: buy my book!!! Buy my book! But they fail to share why you should care. Well, in this course, you'll learn how to share the RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!

What's included in the course:

  • Video Lesson
  • Best Practices
  • What to start doing RIGHT NOW!
  • Resources
  • Examples of what NOT to do
  • Screen share of what to do
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This course will change the way you share your book with your audience!!!!!!

Catherine  Storing

Catherine Storing

Best Selling, Author, Teacher, Speaker, Woman of Faith

Content Monetization Strategist | πŸ“ Executive Writer's Coach |πŸŽ™TEDx/Keynote Speaker | πŸ“š Best Selling Author πŸ’ƒπŸ½ | Minister πŸ™‡

Catherine is the author of over 20-books as of this writing, she has published 17-books (two of them have become #1 and #2 Amazon Bestselling books) oh and that happened in a little over three years.

With her own research, trial and errors, training and continuous education Catherine has created this amazing course that will walk you through the SAME process she uses to write her books.....FAST.

This is the contact info section. Feel free to contact us with any questions: Catherine Storing Events@CatherineStoring.Com

(530) 868-6348

Course Includes

1 Video

3 Texts

1 Audio

1 Disqus

1.0 hr