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I don't know how to use Word. I don't Know how to take what I do and turn it into an audiobook or an e-book. How do I do that? How do I get it to transcribe? How much do I pay for that? I don't want to overpay. What do I do?

I don't know how to do all those things. Catherine, Help me.”

Well if you are a beginner and you love: step-by-step, screen shares (which is my favorite) and you like links you can click on and follow, then my friend The Teach Your Easy course is for you. I made it super easy for beginners/intermediate users and not expensive at all. I have a payment plan for it as well.

This is my invitation to you if you need my help. If you want me to show you how to use Canva. If you want to know how long it should take you to complete each step because sometimes you think it should take weeks. Again, I created my audiobook in a couple hours, and I know you are thinking, "You know how to do those things." Yes, that is correct, but I had to learn at some point as well.

So, if you need more help and you want to see my step by steps video tutorials where I'm sharing my screen (my phone screen also, I know how to do that as well), sharing my phone screen and how I did things on my phone. This time I did my audiobook the advanced way, usually I do all my audiobooks with my iPhone, but this time I went fancy pants and I used the Mac software Garage Band on my laptop and I use one of my microphones (you can buy it on Amazon - worry not, I will share the link with you, check the Resources Page at the end of this workbook).

I brushed on Garage Band because I had not used it in a while, at least three years to be honest. I spent 20-minutes doing that and then I just launched it and did it. How do you do that? I want to show you how to do that too. For those that are beginners, the course is available here!

I won't tell you the price because I'm sure it's going to change but right now it’s at the intro rate, and even when you get it when is higher it is still going to be a pretty awesome deal. Why? Because I'm going to teach you step-by-step and because the course comes with the PDF workbook of this book as well.

With the course, you will receive ALL the video tutorials, screenshares, and the PDF workbook. How cool is that? I know pretty awesome.

I'm telling you that this can be you. All these strategies that I put together for you, all the steps that I mentioned today and I broke down for you. You can do the same with YOUR Easy. This is my easy and I pray that I made it easy for you to learn as well.

Catherine  Storing

Catherine Storing

Content Monetization & Leverage Strategist



Today, as a best selling author, TEDx/keynote speaker, professional certified life coach, certified Christian mentor, storyteller, woman of faith, and content monetization strategist Catherine specializes in helping 6-figure successful women (and a few determined men) in ministry and or corporate America monetize their passion and calling so they can connect with their dream audience and make a significant impact in the world.   

Catherine is the author of over 23-24 books as of this writing, she has published 23-24-books (two of them have become #1 and #2 Amazon Bestselling books) oh and that happened in a little over five years.

With her own research, trial and errors, training and continuous education Catherine has created this amazing course that will walk you through the SAME process she uses to write her books.....FAST.

This is the contact info section. Feel free to contact us with any questions: Catherine Storing Events@CatherineStoring.Com

(530) 868-6348

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