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Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinics

I spent way TOO long researching, stuck, crying and pulling my hair out. Let's not even talk about the insane amount of money I wasted in the wrong tools and apps. 

Finally after YEARS of struggle (and hair loss) I learned how to deal with writer's block, fear, anxiety, overwhelming thoughts and data overload. 

I could keep ALL the treasure to myself but that's not how I roll, I decided to put all my bounty together in a pretty and easy-to-follow place JUST for YOU!!! I know, I am a giver, what can I say. 

I could tell you that inside The Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinics you would find: 

 Four jammed-packed video and MP3 coaching sessions.

But it is SO much more than that,  so please allow me to tell you the best way I know how: video. Pardon my over-active hands and crazy face gestures, I get THAT excited when talking about writing and teaching: 

I hope that made sense, but now, let me ask you this: 

Do you struggle with:

  • Finishing your book or writing projects on time or at all?
  • Deadline dates coming and going and your project is still unfinished?
  • Being sick and tired of seeing others publish their stories while yours sits unfinished collecting cyber dust because you can't even imagine where to begin. 

Wondering who this Master Class is for? 

  • Driven awesome peeps like you who are  tired of trying to write their book on their own and GENUINELY  are ready to share their wisdom and story with the world
  • Individuals curious about what an energy-charged and positive learning environment looks like, where great tools and encouragement flow
  • Optimistic, teachable, happy, curious, excited, talented, ready, available, bold and all around #AllKindsOfFine writers with a message and a purpose. 

What results will you enjoy AFTER  you go through the Clinics? 


  • You'll go from struggling to write to writing with ease and excitement
  • Write faster (cause you are no longer afraid of the blank page monster)
  • Learn ALL about the best backup practices (so you don't lose your precious work, it has happened to me)
  • I'll give you a peek into my writing insider tools (shhh don't tell anybody)
  • Successful Author Tips and tricks (after all I have written over 13 books)
  • Motivation on steroids (because tiredness and fear are bound to pay you a visit from time to time)
  • Answers to your writing questions (no more getting lost in the never ending pit that is Google)
  • More than willing  to use the new tools showcased in the master class (cause now you know JUST how to use them like a pro)
  • Know EXACTLY what to deal with fear and writer's block (my secret weapon) 
  • And sooooooooooo much more?

I am so glad you have landed on this page; it was not a coincidence at ALL. You have been struggling to write your book for far TOO long....How do I know? Because I used to struggle with the same issue for more than TWENTY years myself.

Growing up writing was easy for me, I wrote poetry, short stories, and even plays. I  just KNEW when I grew up I would be a writer.....but then my family moved to America right after I finished high school and with the move, my dream of becoming an author died......or so I thought.

Why should you be a part of The Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinics?

That’s a great question, and the simple answer is that I have dedicated my life to learning and teaching. I love words but more than that I LOVE teaching others how to share their authentic voice in ways that only they can.

I found my voice and calling and TOTALLY understand what it feels like to walk and live a purposeful life, and have the desire to help others lead such a life.

Who is Catherine called to teach and serve? Another great question (you are full of them, aren’t you)?

Who is your teacher? Her name is Catherine Storing and she is a Ghost writer, best selling author, keynote/TEDx Speaker, and a Minister.

Catherine enrolled at a community college soon after arriving at the Boston area quite a few years ago (more than twenty years actually) as she started to learn English, she became completely enamored with the English language but she thought she would not be able to write well enough to become a published author. So she gave up on her dream of writing many books and went on to work in corporate America instead; in Jobs that almost killed her creativity and dreams of becoming an author and one day having her own business.

She continued working, climbing the corporate ladder, and changing jobs every few years trying to find a place that would keep her motivated and engaged without success.

Finally, in 2015, Catherine decided to get some help so she could write AND finish her first book - she just could not believe that TWENTY years had gone by and she had not finished her first book yet. Once that first book was finished and became an Amazon number one best selling book in THREE categories something inside of Catherine broke loose and as of 2017she has written THIRTEEN and published NINE books (her first novel The Conversations is finished and coming out later in 2017) all in about TWO plus years.

There were so many things she learned when she wrote her second book, things she wished she had learned before and that would have helped her to write faster and write better books.

Add to that the large number of people Catherine met at events or after speaking engagements who kept asking her to tell them and to show them how she wrote her books so fast and finally she understood God was calling her to use her gifts of Speaking, Writing and Teaching AT THE SAME TIME in a global capacity. 

Catherine started to ask herself: “how can I do all that?” And the answer came to her: "put ALL the tools, resources, tricks and shortcuts you have learned over the last two plus years in the form of easy-to-follow and understand courses." 

Catherine is very busy and knows that others like her are VERY busy too. So the development of easy and DIGESTABLE  courses and master classes was imperative. Those of you that have seen Catherine on Periscope or speaking live know that she loves to teach. And this is where: The Complete Author's Bible Master Class comes in.

What else is included? (I am SO glad you asked)


  • Recorded Q&A Question with MOST asked questions. 
  • ALL my insider grammar tips/tricks  plus killer tips for writing like a pro 
  • My stiff-free dialogue writing formula (perfect for writers that struggle with writing authentic dialogue)
  • FOREVER access to ALL lessons replays.

What are others saying about The Grammar * Writing Confidence Clinics?

Q. What if I am not a great writer?

A. Great question, English was not even my first language and now I am a best-selling author, get to teach globally and have fun doing what I love. So the answer is YES this course will help you become a more organized and better writer. 

Q. What If I am new to writing? 

A. Then this master class is PERFECT for you. Take your time, watch the intro videos and learn how to write like the pros do. 

If ALL these awesomeness sounds like what the writing doctor ordered then  The Complete Author's Bible: My Insider Stash of Tools Every Writer Needs to Succeed is what you have been waiting and praying for.

You will be able to watch the lessons as often as you want to because you'll have LIFE TIME access starting August 15, 2017

What are you waiting for? Let's get to WRITING!!!


Who are The Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinics NOT for?

  • Whiners, complainers, close-minded, lazy, selfish, immature, tardy, negative, know-it-alls and any individuals that DON'T want to write. If that is you, we still love you but please know The Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinics ARE NOT for you.

  • Guarantees
    We make NONE. This clinics are an at will course. We have poured our hearts and souls into this course, hoping to help you learn how to Write Like a Pro. Everyone learns at their own rhythm, and that is one of the reasons why we present our content in written, audio and video formats. 

However, we know that if you do the work, listen, watch and read the content we prepared with so much passion and love you'll have NO choice but to learn and become the writer you ALWAYS dreamed of becoming. 

But don't take my word for gospel, read what previous students of The Writing Made Simple Academy and other courses have to say about our content and resources: 


These clinics are LIVE and the replays are made available right away from the time of purchase (once released), therefore due to the generous nature of these clinics and the many resources made available right away the NO REFUNDS policy WILL BE 100% enforced. 

The Completion of this Course
You are responsible for the completion of this course but know we WILL NOT force you or make you do anything you are NOT able OR WILLING to do. You'll have access to this course forever (as long as ALL payments have been made), so you can always come back and finish the work when it best works for you.

Content Monetization & Leverage Strategist

Catherine Storing

👻 GhostWriter | 📝 Writer's Coach |🎙TEDx/Keynote Speaker | 📚 2x Best Selling Author 💃🏽 | Minister 🙇Catherine is the author of thirteen books as of this writing, she has published 10 books (two of them have become #1 and #2 Amazon Best selling books) oh and that happened in a little over two years.With her own research, trial and errors, training and continuous education Catherine has created this amazing course that will walk you through the SAME process she uses to write her books.....FAST.

Course curriculum

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    Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinic 1

    • Clinic 1 Video Replay

    • Clinic 1 Audio Replay (optional)

  • 2

    Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinic 2

    • Clinic #2

  • 3

    Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinic 3

    • 3rd Clinic Replay

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    Grammar & Writing Confidence Clinic 4

    • Clinic #4

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